Votive Offerings & Fulfilment Vows

A. Holy Mass, Ladeenj & Prayer of Intercession (Novena)

          Payment for the above may be made at the counter near the Centre or at the stall on the first floor of the museum.

B. Dedication

          The priest in the office lays the hand on the head of the devotee who has paid the fee for the same and solemnly dedicates him/her to the Saint. There is no fee for making the sign of the cross on the devotee’s forehead and the blessing.

C. Offering of Clothes

          Devotees make offerings of clothes like sari, churidar, trousers, shirt, or dhoti at the tomb as an act of gratitude to the Saint for her intercession in a marriage already solemnized or as an offering to the Saint for her intercession so that a marriage may take place. If this is not practicable, the equivalent sum of the intended offering may be contributed to the ‘Marriage Fund’ being raised by the Centre.

          The clothes collected are gifted to the poor between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. on the 28th of every month. Production of the ration card and a letter from the priest concerned is mandatory in this regard.

D. Offering of Lamp

          Devotees may buy multi-tiered lamps from the stall and offer them at the tomb for favours received or to be received.

E. Offering of Cradle by Childless Couples

          Hundreds of childless couples seeking Alphonsa’s intercession so that they may be blessed with marital bliss throng the shrine of the saint who lavished her love upon little children. A year on, many of them revisit the scene with their seraphic new borns to thank her and commit the fruit of their love to her benevolent care. A devotee may make an offering at the tomb of the cradle made of silver and say the prayer of intercession. Prayer over, it is to be returned to the office.

F. Offering of Candles

          Devotees can buy votive candles from the authorized stalls and offer them at the tomb. They may be lit only at the place set apart for it. Candles must not be lit in bundles. Devotees can also kindle the candles placed there after dropping the intended amount in the box.

G. Offering of Gold & Silver

          They can be safely deposited in the coffer in the cover purchased from the counter or entrusted to the office.

H. Offering of Written prayers      

          Written prayers of intercession or expression of thanks for favours received may also be dropped in the box.


Offering of money should be deposited in the church coffers.
They must not be placed at the tomb.


          Offerings of objects like cardamom, pepper or oil may be placed at the tomb.

NB: Devotees are warned against being duped by peddlers of fake objects. Instead, they may put the intended amount in the box.