St.Alphonsa Museum & Audio-Visual Gallery



They are housed in the three-storied structure in front of St. Mary’s Forane Church. Time: 8.30 a.m. to 4.45 p.m. The Alphonsa Museum is redolent with the fragrance of St.Alphonsa’s virtuous life. Many an object hallowed by her divine touch such as a fan made of Palmyra leaf, handkerchiefs of her own artistic weave, personal effects like books and crucifixes adorn the museum. Furthermore, testimonials of 100’s of her devotees about the favours they received through the saint’s intercession and inspirational Alphonsian logia abound here.

A half an hour long film depicting the life of the saint is screened in the audio-visual gallery attached to the museum in the convent across the road. The room where the saint spent her life in silent suffering and prayerful contemplation and died in an odour of sanctity has also been converted to a museum.