Miracle 02



Miracles 2

On 5th may 1998, Jinil was born at a private hospital in Ettumanoor. He is the second son of the Sales tax Inspector of Kottayam, named Ozhuthottiyil Shaji Joseph and of Kappumthala Service Co-operative Bank employee, named Lissy. The child was born with his legs bent inwards. He was taken to the ESI Hospital and to the Medical College. His legs were put into plaster casts and these were to be changed after six days. But the legs became septic and the casts had to be removed. Surgery was advised after six months by orthopaedic specialist Dr. P. S. John, but Mr. Shaji Joseph, who had found that not many were benefited by this, refused it. It was pathetic to see little Jinil dragging himself on the floor. At one and a half year of age the limbs became lifeless below the knees. The Vicar of Kapumthala Fathimapuram Church, Rev. Fr. Jose Vallompurayidom told them of the power of intercession by Bl. Alphonsa to heal such disabilities. So on the 13th of November, 1999, Mr. Shaji and his family came to the tomb of Bl. Alphonsa. For two and a half hours the wept and prayed at the tomb. That evening Jinil got up, holding his parents’ hands, on to his feet. The surprised parents then held his hand and helped him to walk a few steps. The lifeless legs have become normal and strong, miraculously. This miracle was chosen for the elevation of Blessed Alphonsa to Sainthood.