Candle –lit Rosary Procession


St.Alphonsa’s life blew out like a candle after radiating sweetness and light all around for a short span of time. The candle-lit rosary procession held on all Saturdays and on the 9 days preceding the Feast of the saint on 28th  July starts from the shrine church at around 6.15 P.M. after the  ladeenj, the Mass and the novena, circumambulates the St.Mary’s Forane church and ends at the beginning. The devotees participate in the procession with spiritual fervour and interiorize the kenotic life of St. Alphonsa, a perfect paradigm of ideal cenobitic life. The procession ends with solemn blessing at 7.00 p.m. Thereafter, devotees also can pay homage to the relics of the Saint.  People desirous of sponsoring the procession may pay the same at the office. The ‘Alphonsa Light’ designed by the Centre is sold here.

Prayer of St Alphonsa

          Oh Lord Jesus, hide me in the wound of Thy sacred divine heart. Deliver me from the desire to be loved and honoured. Save me from my sinful strivings for worldly renown and respect. Make me meek and humble, O Lord that I may become a spark in the fire of Thy love and just a speck of dust. Grant that I may forget myself and others. Ineffably sweet Jesus! turn the peace and solace the world gives me to a bitter potion. Jesus, Sun of Justice, illumines my senses and purify my heart in Thy radiance. Lord, grant that my soul melting in the furnace of Thy love may merge in thine. Amen.

Prayer to St Alphonsa

          Most lovable Alphonsa, you were chosen by the almighty and everlasting Father to share in the profound mysteries of the passion, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. In holiness you grew and were crowned with heavenly glory. You are indeed a proud child of the Indian Church. We commit our motherland and ourselves to your care.

          Oh! Doleful daughter of God, grant that following your example, we may discern the hand of Providence in our troubles and tribulations. We beseech you to help us resign ourselves to the will of God and be with you in heaven. Amen.

Decadal Prayer Meetings

1.     Second Friday of every month: special service for the sick.

2.     Second Saturday of January: Service of thanks giving for favours like finding befitting spouses, having children, obtaining jobs, or getting physical, mental and spiritual healing through the intercession of St. Alphonsa.

3.     Last Saturday of January: prayer day for students getting ready for S.S.L.C Exams.

4.     First Saturday of February: prayer day for students appearing for +2 Exams.

5.     February 8: assembly of brides and grooms to be.

6.     March 25(the feast of the Annunciation): congregation of expectant mothers and their partners.

7.     May 19: gathering postulants awaiting admission in to an order of nuns.

8.     First Saturday of the scholastic year: gathering of small children seeking admission in the first slandered.

9.     First Saturday following August 19: Assemblage of tiny tots up to 3 years of age.

10.      December 31/January1: Vigil from sundown to dawn, ringing out the old, ringing in the new and ringing out the falls ringing in the true.


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