I am like one lying transfixed to the cross


On one occasion she said:

I am like one lying transfixed to the cross. When my Lord lay on the cross, he could not either move the limbs or turn to any side for relief. He lay without any pillow or even a bed. And they stood at the foot of the cross cruelly mocking and gibing at him. As for me, there is an army of sisters waiting on me; they nurse me, they sympathize with me, they are ready to carry out any instructions. I get better attention than my Lord ever got. Am I not his bride? Compared to what my Lord had to suffer, my own suffering pales into insignificance. I must empty to the dregs the cup of suffering he extends to me. The Lord is testing whether I would get tired of suffering. No amount of suffering can surfeit me. I am prepared to suffer more. I know the Lord is with me. He has some plan for me. How can I requite his kindness?