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Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Blessed Alphonsa

(The following article is the message of Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangattu to the participants in the Alphonsa Pilgrimage conducted on July 23rd, 2006.) Pope John Paul II of hallowed memory raised Sr. Alphonsa to the honours of the altar at Kottayam in 1986. Though only two decades have gone by since her beatification, the fame … Continued

St. Alphonsa’s Message to Us

Mar joseph Pallikaparampil St. Alphonsa is a great gift God bestowed on our community. We are happy the diocese of Palai has been the scene of her life and death. She lived only a short life – a life that went largely unnoticed. But the quality of her life ensured her a place in heaven … Continued

St. Alphonsa

St. Alphonsa

Blessed Alponsa was born on 19th August 1910 as the fourth child of Joseph and Mary Muttathupadath, in the parish of Kudamaloor in the state of Kerala. She was baptized on the 27th August. Her baptismal name was Anna and her pet name Annakutty. Her mother passed away three moths after her birth. Annakutty started … Continued