Parish Church


Parish Church


One of the ancient centres of Christianity in Kerala, Bharananganam is dominated by its millennium old Forane church. In the year 1004, a church was founded and built at Bharananganam, which still exists as Parelpally. A huge and beautiful church was built here in the early decades of the 20th Century. The clarist convent where St Alphonsa lived and died is only a stone’s throw away from the church; some two hundred meters to the north is the Cemetery Chapel inside which is the Tomb of St Alphonsa now it is known as St Alphonsa Shrine Church & Pilgrim Centre. St Alphonsa made her triple vows in this ancient church.

Time Schedule of Holy Mass

Week Days: 6.00am & 7.30am

Saturdays: 6.00am & 8.00am

Sundays & Obligatory days: 5.30am, 6.45am, 8.15am, 9.45am & 5.00pm