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സഹനപുഷ്പം വാർഷിക പതിപ്, കരുണാവർഷം  CD പ്രകാശനം

സഹനപുഷ്പം വാർഷിക പതിപ്, കരുണാവർഷം CD പ്രകാശനം

സഹനപുഷ്പം വാർഷിക പതിപ്, കരുണാവർഷം...

Rector’s Message

Rector’s Message

  Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? 1 Corinthians 3:16 The shrine of St. Alphonsa welcomes all the children of the Father who have come in His chosen’s home to quench their...

Initiation to the world of letters

Initiation to the world of letters

On 24th May 2015 the Pentecost Day,St. Alphonsa Shrine Bharananganam invites parents to bring their children for  the " initiation to the world of letters". The Solemn Ceremony  on the Pentecost led by Bishops and a team of Priests commence at...

A special day for Religious Candidates

A special day for Religious Candidates

A gathering of Religious Candidates will be held on 19th May at St. Alphonsa Shrine Church. His Excellency Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt will address the gathering. Rev. Dr. Dominic Vechoor conduct a class on " the core identity of Religious...

Night Adoration

Night Adoration

2015 march 28th Saturday 7.00 pm - Sunday 5.30...

  • I am like one lying transfixed to the cross

    On one occasion she said: I am like one lying transfixed to the cross. When my Lord lay on the cross, he could not either move the limbs or turn to any side for relief. He lay without any pillow or even a bed. And they stood at the foot of the cross cruelly mocking … Continued

  • Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Blessed Alphonsa

    (The following article is the message of Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangattu to the participants in the Alphonsa Pilgrimage conducted on July 23rd, 2006.) Pope John Paul II of hallowed memory raised Sr. Alphonsa to the honours of the altar at Kottayam in 1986. Though only two decades have gone by since her beatification, the fame … Continued

  • Miracle 3

    Miracles 3 Hundreds of miraculous cures are claimed for her intervention, many of them involving straightening of clubbed feet, possibly because of her having lived with deformed feet herself. Two of these cases were submitted to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints as proof of her miraculous intervention. The continuing cures are chronicled in the magazine PassionFlower. … Continued

  • St Alphonsa’s Spiritual Credo

    St Alphonsa’s Spiritual Credo The following extract form St Alphonsa’s diary, original written in Malayalam, spells out her spiritual ideology. How I Plan to Reorient My Life 1.       My God, my all- thus I summarize my life’s ideology. 2.       Humility shall be the bedrock of my religious life 3.       The three walls of the edifice of my monastic … Continued